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Entry #108

Leveling up, Pokemon gifs, and Unemployment

12/29/13 by UncleCubone
Updated 12/29/13

Yeah, wooooo. Level 16 isn't as cool as level 15 but whatever.


I need work. Someone give me work. I'm desperate. So bored. Please.

Here are some Pokemon gifs. I'm so bored.


So bored.


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It's worth leveling up because the icons just get cooler, man. I can't wait for the day I'm level 36. That's probably my favorite one.

12/31/13 UncleCubone responds:

Personally, I can't wait for level 34.



dis isnt tumblr m8

12/30/13 UncleCubone responds:

It's my page. It can be whatever I like.